Symptoms of Thyroid Problems - Look At Your Hands

Do You Have a Low Functioning Thyroid Gland?

The symptoms of hypothyroidism or other thyroid problems often manifest in the skin, hands, and fingers. In this short video, world-leading nutritional expert, Dr. Osborne, demonstrates some very common physical abnormalities present in the nail beds and fingernails. If you have these types of findings on your hands and also suffer from fatigue, hair loss (especially a thinning of the lateral eyebrows), low libido, dry skin, and unexplainable weight gain, you might want to visit with your doctor to have your thyroid evaluated. Also, symptoms of hypothyroidism on your skin can include a rash or sagging skin.

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems Also Linked to Gluten Exposure

Many people with hypothyroidism are gluten sensitive.  This link has been well established, and multiple research studies have found that patients suffering from Hashimoto’s disease (Autoimmune low thyroid) respond extremely well to a gluten-free diet.  Some common foods that contain gluten include bread, pasta, cereals, baked goods, pizza, and bagels.  Gluten proteins can also be hidden in soups, salad dressings, and sauces.  Remember that glutens are a family of proteins commonly found in these grains:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Oats *
  • Corn *
  • Rice *
  • Sorghum *
  • Millet *

*These grains are classically considered gluten-free.  For more details on why these grains are problematic visit Gluten-Free Society or read Dr. Osborne’s best selling critically acclaimed book, No Grain No Pain.

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