Natural Approaches to Infertility

Fertility-and-DietWhen a couple does not have the ability to conceive naturally, there is usually a reason.  For example, folic acid and zinc deficiency during pregnancy can cause spontaneous abortion of the fetus or birth defects should the mother carry to term.  Before attempting to conceive, parents should evaluate their own health.  How can one expect to take care of a new life if they are not healthy themselves?

There are a number of correlations to infertility, diet, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Food allergies and intolerances can contribute to hormonal changes in women as well as lowered sperm count and motility in men.  Identifying nutrient deficiencies and inflammatory food choices is the first step to improving the possibility of conception as well as pregnancy outcomes.

Dr. Osborne Specializes in these areas and can help you identify your potential nutritional downfalls and roadblocks.  If you are currently seeing an infertility expert and he/she is not addressing the issue of nutrition with you, print this handout for yourself and take a copy to him so that these issues can be investigated.  You may also want to visit our Learning Center to educate yourself more about the impact that nutrition and your environment have on your health.

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