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Vaccinations are a widely controversial issue.  This section is designed to help inform you about the potential risks involved with vaccination.  Vaccinating is not a medical procedure that you should take lightly.  I encourage you to read the information provided and watch the videos to better inform yourself of the potential dangers and risks involved with vaccination.

Since 1983, the number of vaccines recommended for our children by the Center for Disease Control has more than tripled. This time frame coincides with the 800% increase in autism diagnoses. Evidence points to thimerisol (a mercury containing preservative used in MMR vaccines and flu shots. An independent evaluation of a large study as part of the Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Safety Datalink concluded that children exposed to 3 thimerisol containing vaccines were 27 times more likely to develop autism than children who were not exposed. Many experts deny the relationship between mercury and autism however, there is a large body of scientific medical evidence that supports the link.

Since 1983, the number of vaccines recommended for our children by the Center for Disease Control has more than tripled.  This time frame  coincides  with the 800% increase in autism diagnoses. Evidence points to thimerisol(a mercury containing preservative) used in MMR vaccines and flu shots. An independent evaluation of a large study as part of the Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Safety Datalink concluded that children exposed to 3 thimerisol containing vaccines were 27 times more likely to develop autism than children who were not exposed.  Many experts deny the relationship between mercury and autism, however, there is a large body of scientific medical evidence that supports the link.

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The following news report discloses several financial conflicts of interests related to vaccination.

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