Specialized Laboratory

lab1As a doctor or pastoral science, Dr. Osborne uses functional testing to help identify your nutritional and lifestlyle needs.  Some of the different types of tests used by Dr. Osborne include:

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help to identify how best to change your diet and support your nutritional needs.

Vitamin and Mineral Testing:

Measuring your vitamin and mineral status is beneficial in assessing which foods you may need to increase in your diet, but can also be helpful in determining what supplements to support you with.

Food and Environmental Sensitivity Testing:

One man’s food is another man’s poison.  Identifying sensitivities can be a crucial component to restoring health.  Sensitivies are linked to chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammation can contribute to all major forms of chronic illness.  Knowing which foods to remove is vital is supporting your body’s ability maintain good health.